AV Video Morpher 3.0 – The AVnex鎶?Unique Video Editing Software

AV Video Morpher 3.0 is an all-in-one home movie editor that completes your home entertainment center and inspires you to create your own movies, dub your own voices and burn your own DVDs. The program allows you to watch, morph, burn, convert, and capture movies, pictures, audio for your own home entertainment or for uploading. Also you can use the same capabilities to produce videos and presentations for business purposes. It features with many powerful video tools which help you do almost everything on movies. Download at

The program provides you with a Movie Player with multi-format playback to play movies in AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, DAT, etc., so there is no need for you to care about video formats from now on; an Easy Audio Capturer to capture any audio output and save it in MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, etc., this will be a great tool for you music collection; a Video Converter to convert a whole video or selected video areas to a new movie and save it in AVI or WMV, so you will quickly expand your video clip collection with this tool; a Video Clip Marker to bookmark or save your favorite scenes or music moments from movies with original quality, so you can find the scene you love in no time; an Image Catcher to capture any scene or a series of images from your favorite movies and save them in BMP, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF, this is a great tool to enrich your collection of pictures from your favorite movies or you can capture your favorite shots and use them for your DVD covers. Also the program provides a Cover Editor lets you load any image from your PC to create your own DVD covers and labels, then add text to create great covers. Specially, AV Video Morpher is perfect for dubbing home movies and commercial movies. A Movie Voice Dubber helps you to record voices, change them into different styles and dub voices into movies. For more detailed information on AV Video Morpher, please visit .

With this one-stop video tool, you can play and morph audio-video streams in real-time, add effects to movies, convert video files to AVI and WMV, edit subtitles, capture images, record DVD audio, burn, design DVD covers, and the most amazing, dub movies. It supports almost video formats roblox hack cheats tool (AVI, MPG, MPEG, MOV, etc.) Standing out from other movie players or movie editor software, AV Video Morpher makes dubbing movies easy thanks to its Voice Recorder, Remover and Dubbing Settings. To dub movies, you record voices from microphones, mix yours together with the originals, and merge to video files. Another good thing is its ability to real-time morph audio-video streams with audio and video effects, making the movie’s characters sound sexier, scarier, or more romantic. For example, you want to make a documentary movie. You can produce professional quality, black and white video for that perfect documentary effect. Or you can make your historic presentations more lively and compelling.

Using AV Video Morpher, you can produce your own movies by dubbing your own voices, adding effects, and then burning it all to a DVD. You can remove the original voices from any movie or clip, and dub in your own voices later. You can even make any actor become an alien, madden mobile hack cheats ghost, priest, etc with provided voice effects, so just add audio effects to change the voice of any actor to have more unique actors in all your own movies. Also you can capture any frame, clip, or entire movie your want, and then add in voices and effects to enhance and enlarge your video collections. That鎶?not all; many share more details more good things else you can do on videos with AV Video Morpher. This is a great video tool for those who love not only enjoying videos but also editing and altering videos. For the best use of AV Video Morpher, many free online tutorials on the program can be found at

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